May 13, 2008

Wild China on BBC HD

Every so often, something sneaks on to the BBC HD channel that, quite literally, takes your breath away. I'll never forget the beauty of seeing Galapagos in HD for the first time - a beautiful series that really showed high definition filming at its finest. Similarly, Earth: The Power of the Planet was pretty awesome, stunning photography and fascinating subject matter.
Well, they've gone and done it again. Wild China is shown on BBC2 on Sunday evenings, but at 9pm on Mondays it is repeated in all its glory on BBC HD. If the first episode is typical, then this is to be a real treat. Image after image of mind-numbing beauty, a heartstopping insight into a lost world few have seen before. Absolutely fan-bloody-tastic - I cannot recommend it highly enough.


demented said...

Yeah I agree. I think in some ways even this series is even more enjoyable as it probably wasn't as scripted/planned as Power of the Planet. I'd say it's been the best thing after Planet Earth.

Stephen. said...

Wasn't sure this series would be my cup-of-tea, but it has really surprised me . It is stunning, and well worth the bother of changing the settings of my TVDrive to HDMI for an hour.