June 06, 2008

All Change with HD On Demand

BBC content under "High Definition" is all back - no new additions. The absence of the standard definition series makes TV Choice on Demand a very light selection at the moment - it's all planned maintenance apparently, and will be back soon. (Hope they sort out the PQ on much of the library - watched an IT Crowd last night at the quality was decidedly second rate.)

Lots of changes with TV Choice on Demand HD. As warned, Band of Brothers has gone, as have other series. At the moment, little new of note except the HBO series When the Levees Broke. Highly recommended; Spike Lee's very personal films on New Orleans after the hurricane.

There are a few Cartoon Network series appearing in the same section: they're not HD. Also, Sopranos season five fans will rejoice at the arrival on a ninth episode, but despair that it's not ep. 9 - we have episode 12!


virgin1 said...

Our Sopranos viewing has ground to a halt... again!


demented said...

Amusingly enough on my V+ most of the episodes of Planet Earth are listed twice! Not seen that mishap before.