June 29, 2008

Bonekickers coming to BBC HD

Just a quick heads up that Bonekickers, one of the BBC's summer highlights will be shown in high definition, starting on Tuesday 08 July at 9pm. Starring Adrian Lester and Julie Graham and from the creators of Life On Mars, this really could be something. Here's the blurb from the Radio Times:
Archaeological drama series. The excavation of medieval soldiers from the Crusades leads to the hunt for the True Cross. Brilliant archaeologist Dr Gillian Magwilde and her team race to uncover the truth, as a fanatical right-wing Christian reawakens a force of violent modern-day crusaders.

Also, on Thursday, July 10th Criminal Justice begins on BBC HD for those who aren't planning to watch it on BBC1 this week - it's to be shown weekly on BBC HD, rather than the five consecutive night scheduling it's having this week.
And if that wasn't enough, how about both volumes of Tarantino's Kill Bill? Showing on Friday July 4th and Volume 2 on the 11th.


Dazza124 said...

it a shame they are not showing Sin Cities again as i missed it on HD over Xmas

Nialli said...

They may well do...there seems to be a handful of movies the BBC has for BBC HD. Kill Bill 1 & 2 have been shown before, and Match Point is back on again soon. I wouldn't be surprised if Sin City followed soon after.

demented said...

Was surprised Wimbledon (film) was on ITV HD without much fanfare. Perhaps the beeb will be cajoled into putting some movies on between the end of Wimbledon and the start of the Olympics.

I'm interested to know whether anyone can pic up this ITV test stream on virgin media boxes reported elsewhere? Also the new stream that has appeared on astra 2d and whether these things are just some boring interactive service or the real deal.