June 08, 2008

Heroes on BBC HD this week

This Thursday's simulcasts of Heroes on BBC HD are disrupted by the Euro 2008 coverage. Just the one this week, and I said in an earlier post it would be the BBC2 simulcast.
Wrong. Bad Nialli. It's actually the BBC3 episode (episode 9) that's showing on BBC HD at 10pm Thursday. The following week we're back to both the BBC2 and BBC3 showings, with the final episode of the season (just 11 thanks to the Hollywood writers' strike) to follow.
I've enjoyed this season, despite the poor reviews Stateside. I think they gave me low expectations, whereas it's been very similar to the first season - lots of promise but only limited delivery. Hiro's adventure in Japanese history was no duller than his and Ando's US adventure last season, but at least it looked spectacular in HD! Things have definitely picked up in recent weeks and I'm hoping for a strong finish. Fingers crossed.

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