June 26, 2008

Three new feeds added

For those looking for more information on Virgin or HD services I've added a trio of new RSS feeds to this blog towards the foot of the main page:
  • InsideVirgin is an informative blog put together by Virgin1, covering all of VirginMedia's services (notably broadband services)
  • HDTV is a site that looks at all aspects of the HD world, including new equipment and services
  • Trusted Reviews is equipment reviews for the regular guy: not as gadget-focussed as some and not afraid to denounce hardware that doesn't deliver what it promises.


dazza124 said...

Already check these out apart from trusted reviews.i'll have a look.
To be honest this blog and virgin1's blog is the first point of call for me regarding finding info on VM.
Digitalspy is a poor third (full of big bro rubbish) but if these blogs keep expanding then i might look at DS once a month.

Dazz285 said...

Dazz124, is there any chance of a link?

dazza said...


Anonymous said...

How about:

TV Boy on Cable Forum always rips it off