June 12, 2008

HD vs SD

Anyone wanting to see some good example of high definition pictures versus standard definition should check out this post from "Supremus" (not his real name, but wouldn't it be cool if it was?!) over on Cable Forum.


Dazza124 said...

confirms what my personal opinions are.
HD...but more of it pls (especially VM)
I have a bluray player and watch bbc hd alot so its hard reverting back to SD viewing.

BikeNutt said...

It's a very good illustration but I'd go as far as to say my BBCHD looks even clearer than that! The numbers on the back of their jerseys never look fuzzy!?

Perhaps its a side effect of taking a photo of the TV screen even though he says he avoided using .jpg format etc.

Nialli said...

Supremus captured them through a DBA card (don't ask - I don't know). They're detail rather than full screen of course, so I think they're pretty good captures to illustrate the point.

demented said...

Nice work there by supremus.

Although greatly representative I've found BBC HD isn't as clear on pc cards btw which may explain bikenutt's comments. On the other hand without pc cards I wouldn't have been able to watch ITV HD (freesat is not worth the money for an interactive stream itv can turn on when they're arsed). For what it's worth the difference between ITV1SD and HD is even better as SD ITV is so incredibly poor.