December 23, 2008

Adult HD on demand

Hunting around the various On Demand categories in a desperate search for unheralded HD programmes I...ehem...stumbled upon no fewer than eight HD programmes in the Adult listings. Now I can't vouch for the standard of the content as even for you guys I'm not prepared to shell out good money for this kind of stuff (especially as it's six quid a pop) but there are eight movies there if you're intrigued by the prospect of high def soft core, with titles like Bitches in a Box (presumably not an RSPCA cruelty to animals doc) and Come Together (unlikely to feature Lennon and McCartney).


Christophe Lambie-pie said...

'six quid a pop'!??!?!?!?? So each film must be about thirty quid, right?

surreydude said...

Heheh, I'm loving your work.

Merry Christmas, Neil.