December 17, 2008

How to calibrate your TV for high definition

The BBC's Andy Quested has excelled himself this month; check out this BBC Blog post to learn how to best calibrate your TV to make the most of the new HD test card on BBC HD. This is quite, quite brilliant. Thank you sir!


anonymous said...

A nice feature, although I'm a bit miffed with andy quested having the cheek to tell us how to set up our tvs after constantly denying that BBC HD has picture problems, particularly on live broadcasts!

BikeNutt said...

No need to be miffed:

The test card is broadcast to allow you to correctly tune your display - nothing to do with the broadcast signal.

The audio/video sync is broadcast to allow you to correctly tune your external audio equipment. This can be affected by various factors including how far away you sit from the TV and Speakers. Again, nothing to do with the broadcast signal.

Unless your system has been calibrated by an ISF certified engineer, I very much doubt you are achieving the full quality of the video/audio being broadcast.

These tests go some way to helping us normal folk get the best posible performance without the need for expensive ISF calibration.

Hat's off to the Beeb, I say!

BIkeNutt said...

For those interested in recording the audio/video sync test, it follows:

Natural World - Mountains of the Monsoon
BBC Four Sessions - K.D.Lang
Blazing Saddles
* Audio/Video Sync. Test *