December 15, 2008

Virgin Media 50Mb Broadband Announced

Details can be found at Virgin Media's site. Not sure how this will be costed for existing VIP customers (like me).
Interesting that they're promoting it as a way to view HD content. throttling or download caps!


Anonymous said...

Couldn't help but notice the "up to 50Mb" splashed everywhere.

Nialli said...

To be fair to VM, the service I currently have is advertised as "up to 20mb" and that's what I get, give or take 100k.

Martin said...

No pricing for current XL bundles or VIP?

Nialli said...

Rumoured to be another £10 a month; not heard from VM on it, and also not sure if there's an installation charge for existing customers.
The 802.11n wireless router is a essential if you use a wireless network. With a 20mb connection I was get around 15mb over my 802.11g wireless network, but with my new 802.11n I'm seeing 20mb pretty consistently.