December 19, 2008

BBC HD this weekend

Apart from the usuals and hours of repeats of repeats, we have bugger all on BBC HD this weekend. A Lindsey Lohan film at 9.45pm on Saturday night: Herbie: Fully Loaded , an hour of ballet on Sunday at 5.05pm The Royal Ballet World Premiere and at 7.45pm a new Christmas "special" episode of Lark Rise to Candleford
No BBC2 Heroes repeat in HD this weekend btw, but those who have somehow managed to miss season two of Gavin & Stacey can watch all seven episodes back to back on Sunday starting at 9pm.

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demented said...

Perhaps somewhat depressing I'm looking at January but it's weird what's turning up on digiguide for next month on BBC HD - all sorts of stuff. It's only provisional but looks like they are upping their portfolio a bit. Programmes listed include Natural World, History of Scotland, Around the World in 80 Faiths, Science and Islam, The Secret Life of the Elephant, Nicolas Crane's Britannia and so on. That people like Jim Al-Khalili and Peter Owen Jones are having hi-def films crews following them round is pretty cool.

The other weird thing is the fairly new BARB listings for BBC HD. That a programme like Wallander can out do Strictly come dancing a show with getting on twice as many viewers seems a bit odd.