December 12, 2008

ITV HD over Christmas

If you thought BBC HD was a bit lightweight over the festive season, check out ITV HD's schedule (still only available on FreeSat of course)

Saturday 13th December 2008
True Lies (film) - 10.40pm

Sunday 14th December 2008
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (film) - 4.05pm

Britannia High (drama) - 7.00pm

Saturday 20th December 2008
Honey (film) - 2.40pm

Britannia High Finale (drama) - 5.30pm

Tuesday 23rd December 2008
Ali G Indahouse (film) - 10.40pm

Friday 26th December 2008
Caught in a Trap (drama) - 9.00pm

Saturday 27th December 2008
Bird on a Wire (film) - 11.05pm

Sunday 28th December 2008
Affinity (drama) - 9.00pm


I said...

It's enough to make you forget about going out to see family and friends over the festive period. I, for one, will be popping on the kettle and staying glued to the ITV HD channel for the full duration.

Or, I might just nip to blockbuster instead....

Anonymous said...

Glad im getting a Blu Ray player for Christmas! Can finally watch HD things that I want to watch.. ie not Hotel Babylon or digging for the truth?

How about digging for HD?

There is nothing on Virgin HD, its a total waste of time.

Surely Sky is the future!

Anonymous said...

Complete load of rubbish,not even worth a glance.

Banjo Ted said...

Still, HD Star Wars, though! That's a first, isn't it?

Dazz285 said...

Virgin don't seem to like shouting about anything HD...
And they wonder why people bugger off to Sky !!!!

Anonymous said...

To everyone posting generic comments on how rubbish this lineup is and that no wonder people are switching from virgin to sky:

This isn't even available on virgin. Or even sky. It's freesat only for now!

This is all you'd get in addition to BBC HD if you switched to freesat (also you'd lose the HD on demand selection, what little there is of it).

demented said...

I for one actually think ITV HD and C4 HD have a rocking schedule in these HD starved times. BBC has given up on films for months and has brought them back out for Christmas.