December 07, 2008

Lost season 4 catch up

Lost season 4 catch up starts at 2pm on Tuesday 6th January on Sky1. It's also showing on Sky1 HD - wouldn't it be nice if Virgin Media had that by then?
Season 5 starts on Sunday January 25th.
For those who ran out of patience with season 3, I can promise that season 4 is bang on the money - a strong return to form, greatly helped by having tighter scripts and fewer episodes.

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Anonymous said...


The program showing on Tuesday 6th Jan 2009 is the last episode of Season 3. Season 4 starts on Wednesday 7th January 2009 at 2 pm This is for Sky 1 HD)

There would appear to be 1 episode from the series every day thereafter (can't vouch for weekends though). The episodes are also being repeated on Sky 1 (SD) and Sky 2.