December 10, 2009

BBC HD complaints hit the national press

In today's Independent:BBC criticised over HD picture quality
(thanks Hew)

UPDATE: And now the Mail too, who never miss a chance to lay into the BBC. Comments go off topic really quickly though

Telegraph as well.


Sniper in the Trees said...

If you think BBC HD is bad...Wait till you see ITV HD!! I watched (for about 2 minutes) the Champion's League footy last night and honestly, I watched better pictures on my 14" portable in 1984

I thought it might be the feed from the stadium that was SD, but even the studio bit at half time was so blurred and clearly not HD it was a breach of Trades description to call it HD.

I just got my Sky (sorry folks) HD box EPG upgrade so it's the first chance I've had to watch something on ITV HD. I hope my second chance is a better experience. Free-Sat viewers are being mislead if they think they're getting "proper" HD...

Anyone else seen ITV HD? Wanna Comment??

BikeNutt said...

There are a number of individuals (one in particular) who refuse to allow the BBC to get away with this. More mainstream press coverage, like this, is required to raise the awareness. The BBC view is that most people won't notice they're being short-changed. The truth is that the majority do notice but do not know how, or are disinclined, to complain.

tvsersity said...

A link to the Daily Heil? I'd need to disinfect my PC should I click on it. Nasty.