December 23, 2009

Cracking start to an HD Christmas

Well, waddayaknow? I've just watched the first episode of Cranford on BBC HD iPlayer and the picture quality was outstanding. Did anyone else see it? Looked fab. The scenes with the ailling Lady Ludlow were super sharp and the photography throughout was really something.
And earlier today I caught up with 4HD's showing of Dick Tracy from earlier in the week. I hadn't seen this movie since it was first released and it looked incredible in HD - really came to life with its wonderfully vivid colour pallette and some cracking cinematography.
Which bodes well for the next few days, especially as I was prepared to be disappointed with BBC HD over the next few days after the last few months of so-so PQ. I'm now looking forward to the second Cranford, the big Doctor Who double bill and the intriguing Day of the Triffids two-parter next week. The films on BBC HD may be mainly family fayre this season, but this is the channel's best line up for Christmas yet.
It's a shame 4HD's schedule is so lacklustre and FX HD seems to have lost the plot completely by lining up hours and hours of TV animation.


BikeNutt said...

I caught the first few mins of the HD version of
Cranford on-demand earlier today and, yes, I was surprised how good it looked.

tvsersity said...

By contrast I watched the latest episode of Top Gear on BBC HD last weekend thought it looked very poor.

Live at the Apollo also looked terrible, with masses and masses of mosquito noise and compression artefacts. (which for a show which features a man basically stood still against a static background is quite something)

As for the schedule, it's poor in my opinion. No films of any merit at all.

dk1 said...

Did you know that PictureBox is free to all Virgin customers from 25 to 27 Dec!

Nialli said...

I didn't - thanks for the tip