December 12, 2009

Danielle Nagler quits...the debate on BBC HD PQ

She's had enough/run out of excuses/is desperately hoping it all goes away* and has "drawn a line" under her contribution on the matter. Frankly, that's pathetic, and if you read the comments on her latest blog post you'll see that all she's done is wind people up even more. Doesn't she realise that there's no point in promoting the channel in future blogs if people aren't tuning in because of the superior picture elsewhere, even on the standard definition BBC1?
I'm a massive fan of the BBC - the vast majority of viewing in my house is BBC - but Ms Nagler has been responsible for a serious deterioration in picture quality standards on BBC HD. I find it sad that the BBC HD management's response to the unanimous public concensus that the picture quality has dropped has been to stick its collective heads in the sand and deny there's a problem. They do not answer the simplest of questions and hide behind scientific tests whilst denying what their own eyes must surely tell them. Shameful.
All a bit reminiscent of the appalling political mismanagement you see on The Thick of It, which I'll be watching tonight ... on BBC2. It all reminds me of "Tucker's Law" ...

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