December 25, 2009

Free Picturebox but only SD

Apologies for the earlier post (now removed) - I was misinformed
The Picturebox movie selection is free to all VM customers over the Christmas weekend in standard definition, but not HD.
Starting on Christmas day there's more than 20 movies via Virgin Central (channel 118)


spunkysimon_uk said...

So... the free service didn't work for me since I'm not subscribed. I called up and they said they had no one around today to activate the service...

What's the point of starting the free trial on a day when you can't even access it?!


Nialli said...

Try accessing via the red button on channel 118 - that worked for me...for standard def, at least.

spunkysimon_uk said...

A-ha!! Cheers for that, still concerned that you know more about this than the guy I spoke to on the phone though!