December 04, 2009

New feature for On Demand

Not sure exactly when it appeared, but there's now a View From feature on all On Demand programming that means you don't have to 'fast' forward to a specific point in a programme - just type in the time you want to watch from and ... voila! Nice one, VM.
Also, Carnivale season one is back in the HD On Demand listings. I thought the first season was great ... the second season's a bit of a disappointment mind. It looks like the same HBO and History series are in heavy rotation in HD, which is not quite as galling now that we have more HD channels but it would be good to have something new every once in a while.
Meanwhile, the iPlayer's HD selection these days seems to have a lot of kids stuff but for some reason is missing the (marginally) more adult Paradox. Odd.


geekydaz said...

Will be very useful as a lot of programs I've recorded lately seem to overrun and miss the end. Have tested it with Eastenders and Corrie and it all works! Nice one!

BikeNutt said...

Yep, the 'View from' option is definitely a welcome addition.

Noticed it for the first time yesterday.

Steve Sims said...

I don't tend to use iPlayer from my V+ box since it's painfully slow, but do use it all the time on my PS3... Curiously Paradox doesn't seem to get listed under any (specific) genre on iPlayer, only under the BBC1 channel listings. Seems they're not keen on getting people to watch it.