December 27, 2009

Heroes returns to BBC HD

The fourth series of the (once) eagerly anticipated US series Heroes arrives on BBC HD on Saturday, January 9th at 10.10pm with two episodes. The next day sees the second season of the extremely good Being Human kicking off at 10.30pm.
Also returning in January to BBC HD are Wallander (Jan 3) and Hustle (Jan 4) and showing every week night from Jan 4 is US series Nurse Jackie, starring Edie Falco from The Sopranos.
(Sorry to say I haven't got a date yet for the return of Mad Men.)
The advance schedules are showing BBC HD in the new year running from 4am to 1am each day btw.

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tvsersity said...

Regarding Mad Men, there was some doubt recently that the BBC would buy season 3 at all, as it was too expensive.

It's long since finished in the US though, meaning the blu-ray will be out soon (in March), and the last 2 US Mad Men seasons were region free. One to get if you are a fan and have resisted the torrents, and of course BD picture quality will absolutely destroy anything BBC HD could ever put out.