September 16, 2010

BSkyB closing Bravo and Channel One

BSkyB is closing two of the SD channels it recently bought from VirginMedia TV: Bravo and Channel 1 (formerly known as Virgin 1). Also going will be the associated +1s and Bravo 2. US imports showing on those channels are most likely to reappear on other Sky channels.
In the announcement BSkyB said that it has decided to focus on the Living TV channel portfolio, which will see a 25% boost to its programming budget, and the gameshow and quiz channel Challenge.
Still no official word on the arrival of the high def Sky basics but at least now there's channel 120 free on the Virgin EPG to slot Sky1 HD into.


mercelous said...

What makes me laugh about this is that when Virgin sold their channels to Sky they agreed a long term carriage agreement for the channels to stay on Virgin Media. Now Sky are taking them away and if Sky replace the channels with new ones I bet we won't get them because it's not in the deal. Sky in my opinion are becoming extremely petty lately. They take Sky Sports News away from Freeview yet as on Tuesday and Wednesday night this week they showed Gillette Soccer Special on Sky Sports 1/HD1. Why? Are they realising they are losing to many viewers?. I know some people are annoyed that they have moved some sports to Sky Sports 3 & 4 but let them be pathetic little boys. All you are doing Sky ''IS'' losing viewers but it isn't going to force level headed viewers on Virgin Media, BT and Freeview to come to you because apart from the TV you have NAFF all else to offer because your Internet is crap. Why don't Sky just realise that the more viewers you give your channels too including HD ones the more money you will make. Grow up Sky, money is tight and monopolising everything will bite you back in the future. What's next? Are you going to sign up Tivo again to have another dig at Virgin.

Jez said...

Very well said Mercelous. I have become so disillusioned with Sky recently, and once the 2010 Indy Racing League season finishes 3rd October I shall be removing the movies/sport prior to yet one more price hike!!!