September 01, 2010

Comedy Central HD live

Good news: we have Comedy Central HD now on channel 133.
As you would expect, the older shows are only in SD (and many of them are in 4:3 ration too) but today's schedule has episodes of Two and a Half Men, Samantha Who?, The King of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond in high def. Tomorrow evening's South Parks are in HD (season 12 onwards) but a few movies at the weekend appear to be only in standard def.


BikeNutt said...

The HD shows look good but the surround sound is messed up - identical to ITV1HD when it first launched. DD5.1 tracks are being flagged as Dolby Surround - meaning stereo with a mono surround function only. One can apply post-processing such as DPLIIx to create a pseudo-centre, thus masking the problem. Hopefully this will be corrected soon (ITV sorted it in about a week).

streaky_7 said...

Picture quality i think is great but im finding an audio sync problem. dunno if anyone else has - its the only channel im finding it happens on and its fine on the SD channel - but comedy central HD i find is out of sync?

BikeNutt said...

Yep the audio is late so there is nothing you can do to resolve it with AVR audio delay. Pretty sure that'll be sorted too once they fix the problem I mentioned above.