September 28, 2010

Form an orderly queue please

If you can't wait for 3D any longer, Virgin Media has today announced the launch of 3D Movies On Demand:
From today, all Virgin Media TV customers, with a 3D-ready set top box (V HD or V+ HD required to receive 3D content.), TV and glasses, will be able to experience exciting new 3D On Demand content for themselves, from the comfort of their home. Following successful tests of 3D technology on its fibre optic cable network and after months of public demonstrations in key Virgin Media stores, the company is now starting to offer a selection of 3D movies and TV programmes as part of its on demand TV service.
Today’s launch of 3D Movies On Demand, powered by FilmFlex, will provide a taste of things to come for Virgin Media customers as the company looks to complement its on-demand service with more movies and shows. Virgin Media will look to build its 3D portfolio over the coming months, with a diverse range of new content as more people begin to purchase 3D TVs and programme-makers look to increase the production of 3D content.
Cindy Rose, executive director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media, said: “We’re really excited to bring a taste of 3D to our customers in the comfort of their own homes. As we’ve already seen with the take-up of high definition programmes, viewers are continually looking for new ways to experience their favourite shows, and with the addition of 3D On Demand, they will be able to watch eye-popping movies whenever they want!”
To mark the launch of Virgin Media’s 3D On Demand service, Brit flick StreetDance 3D will be available from today for just £5.99 (for a 24 hour rental). With further 3D movies to launch over the coming months – including Garfield’s Pet Force 3D (October), Disney’s A Christmas Carol 3D (November), Step Up 3D (December) and Despicable Me 3D (early 2011), plus more titles to be announced soon.
Be still my beating heart...


mattbuk said...

Has anyone experienced 3DTV yet?

I've always allowed a couple of years before I get into brand new technology like this - this normally allows for the bugs to be ironed out and better quality versions to be available at a cheaper cost.

Having said that I haven't even seen a 3d movie at the cinemas yet lol - I've wanted too, just never got round to it.

Alexei said...

£5.99? crikey? im so never going to rent a 3D movie. In this day and age i dont know how they still get away with charging so much for films to buy/rent etc... And then they make billions of dollars out of the film and then whine that people have downloaded an illegal copy and how many billions they lost from that! Do you know how they work out the cost of Piracy? They count how many people went to the cinema to see it and decide that is the number of copies they will sell, any less and its down to piracy. Give me a break!

overyourhead said...

I have a 3D telly (one of those new Samsung LED jobbies). The TV is good but the 3D is questionable. Fun for showing off to friends (hey, it even takes a fair crack at converting regular 2D broadcasts into 3D on the fly) but watching anything in 3D for more than 30 mins gives me a bit of a headache. And, IMHO, adds precious little to the enjoyment of what you are watching. And sadly it doesn't look as if there is much in the way of content anyway.

streaky_7 said...

To mark the launch of Virgin Media’s 3D On Demand service, Brit flick StreetDance 3D will be available from today for JUST £5.99 (for a 24 hour rental).

Key word is JUST - if it is only JUST £5.99 to mark the launch of the service, how much is this going to be in the future??

Moroboshi said...

I've just come back from Japan where I tried a lot of 3D HDTVs. To say the least, I was unimpressed.

Most were very flickery (only the Panasonic plasmas seemed immune to this), all were very dull thanks to the glasses, and the 3D effect looked pretty shallow and unimpressive.

3D is best left as an IMAX gimmick I think.

The job's not what it was* said...

The only good thing about 3D is that regular HD TV's will be cheaper as a result. I saw an advert in the paper the other day for a Samsung Tv and the hook was that they were going to give you 2 sets of 3D glasses that work with it free, the normal price being around( I forget exactly) £75 a pair. So that's me and the wife sorted. What if I wanted to have a bunch of pals round to watch the footy or even just my own family to watch a family movie? It ain't going to happen. I've made up my mind not to go back to the movies either to see 3D - either it's poorly executed as in Clash of the Titans or doesn't add anything as in Toy Story 3. It's a gimmick that they should keep for shock value in horror movies