September 22, 2010

New US series debuts on Sky1 HD

This autumn's Sky1 line up may lack a little excitement after the conclusions of Lost, 24 and Battlestar Galactica but there are still some new seasons of US series to look forward to on our latest HD channel:
  • House season 7 Sun, Oct 3rd, 10pm
  • NCIS: Los Angeles season 2 Mon, Oct 4th, 9pm
  • Fringe season 3 Tue, Oct 5th, 10pm
  • Stargate Universe season 2 Tue, Oct 5th, 9pm
  • Modern Family season 2, Thu, Oct 7th, 8pm
  • Bones season 6 mid-Oct
  • Caprica season 1 (second half) mid-Oct


jamieh999 said...

Thorne starts on Sky One HD on October 10th I think, the gritty London copper Thorne is played by David Morrissey, tracking serial killers. 6 part series.

Pete said...

just found this a little bit on virgin/tivo,2817,2369664,00.asp