September 10, 2010

Monday Night "Football" arrives on ESPN HD

We may not have ESPN America in HD on Virgin yet, but fans of the game erroneously called "football" by an entire nation will be treated to the longest-running and most successful primetime sports show in the world on ESPN HD from Monday, September 13th.
Each week ESPN will broadcast live the major Monday night clashes in the National Football League (NFL), starting with the New York Jets vs the Baltimore Ravens (at midnight), followed by the Kansas City Chiefs vs the San Diego Chargers (3am ).
To get the show on the road, ESPN will air an extended version of Monday Night Countdown from 10pm.
Previous to that, the Monday night "soccer" game on Sky Sports 1 HD is Stoke vs Villa, but I guess most eyes will be on Sky Sports 1 HD on Saturday lunchtime for Rooney and the Man U curb crawlers at Everton. Tasty.


Andrew Nixon said...

Football is quite an acceptable word for the sport - the etymology of the word is such that it refers to a ballgame played on foot and without (non-protective) equipment, as opposed to games played on horseback and/or with equipment.

American Football is just one of the many varieties of football, the most popular of which is correctly called association football. Soccer comes from the association in that name and is what it was called in late 19th Century England to distinguish it from Rugby Football. The shortened name remains in several places that have their own codes of football, including some areas of the UK.

A bit off topic perhaps, but I kind of expect better from what is usually a well written blog.

Nialli said...

My tongue was firmly in my cheek. I work every day with Americans who are constantly ribbing me about "football" and "soccer". Thanks for the comment - as a former journalist I should maybe strive for more accuracy and a little less levity, even on a blog.

Andrew Nixon said...

Nothing wrong with levity - the football thing is just something that always annoys me, that's all!

mattbuk said...

My god, sometimes I wonder why Nialli carries on with this blog, when he gets petty comments like the above.

Andrew do you also get annoyed by
Highhway/Motorway, Jello/Jelly, Potato Chips/Crisps etc??? lol.

I'm sorry, but when people start quoting things like you have done on a public site, I find it rather sad.

Nialli does all this in his spare time and as soon as he puts his own personality into things, we get comments like above.

Square eyes said...

well said Mattbuk, Andrews statement is just trash...oh erm sorry rubbish

Andrew Nixon said...

I'll hold my hand up, I over-reacted. The phrase "the game erroneously called "football"" pricked me and I went on one of my rants on a subject that often annoys me.

This blog is not the place for it though, and a day later, now I'm not in the middle of what had been a stressful day at work, I can see that I acted like a bit of a prick.

Apologies to Nialli and to anyone who was offended by my comment.

I appreciate the hard work Nialli puts into this blog, and long may it continue.