June 22, 2011

Another TiVo review

This one's in PC Pro. Verdict:
A huge advance on the V+ box, with more capacity, features and better performance; the 1TB version is too expensive, though.
Incidentally, Sky has reduced the price of its 1TB box to £149 now.


Allan said...

Media boy posted the following

EXCLUSIVE - UPDATE: Virgin Media trial new V+ code.
I have been told that Virgin Media are testing an new V+ code out in Reading, Hayes and Hersham AS well as Virgin Media workers and viewers who has got an Samsung box in other areas.

If the trials are successful, the rest of us should get it by the end of July.

The new code will - 22/06/11 UPDATE: New Infomation on new code:

-Clear ALL programmes that you haven't been able to delete.
-The digits on the clock that comes up are also clearer.
-Standby mode there are no green light around the control buttons.
-The new code will start with ''UK5'' right now the V+ Boxes are running with ''UK4''

Viewers will see the new home page on V+ boxes as followed,

1 TV Guide
2 On Demand & Catch up TV
3 Virgin Central
4 Interactive
5 Search
6 Help
7 Settings

Virgin Media hope to get all Samsung box viewers onto the new ''UK5'' download by June 24th.

This morning I recevied the new software update code and I have seen the following

1. I am able to Clear ALL programmes that I haven't been able to delete

2. Changed Menu Page

3. Menu Text is clearer

4. Setup box is running faster and responds alot better.

Glenn said...

i had tivo installed (IT IS TOTAL JUNK) UPGRADE AT OWN RISK.

I AM BACK TO MY (V+ ON THIS TUESDAY) roll on tuesday morning.


streaky_7 said...

I love my TiVo. I agree it takes getting used to and it takes a while to learn the features and benefits. But when u do nail it and learn what it can do, you do realise how good it is. And there is still so much to improve with the updates! It's great now, it'll be amazing this time next year after a couple more batches of updates.

If people think its junk then all I can assume is you either haven't grasped the benefits of TiVo or you didn't understand the benefits of TiVo and didn't realise the benefits wouldnt benefit you.

Either way, in my opinion, TiVo ain't junk. Far from it.