June 06, 2011

More4 HD expected in 2011

According to this document from Channel 4, we should be seeing an HD version of More4 this year.
Channel 4 has been commissioning and transmitting programmes in HD since the launch of C4 HD in December 2007. With the launch of E4HD in 2008, Film4HD in 2009, and the anticipated launch of More4HD in 2011, HD has become core to C4 commissioning and transmission activities and Channel 4 now takes the view that HD is becoming the standard technology across television production. As such from 1st July 2011, Channel 4’s standard delivery requirement will be the High Definition format.
Incidentally, I'm surprised to see Film4 HD is still a Virgin Media exclusive - I would have thought Sky would it too by now.


Anonymous said...

Want be holding my breath for it,VM have been very poor for nearly 12 months now in aquiring new tv content and having seen on a friends sky,there new on demand service that is starting to lag as well

Anonymous said...

not sure many people watch Film 4 HD to be honest....would rather have SS News and Sky News in HD than More4....