June 26, 2011

Weekly TiVo guides from Virgin Media

Virgin are sending out weekly guides to getting more from your TiVo. If you didn't received the first one this week you can see similar tips online at
Getting Started
Using Wishlists
Search & Browse
Apps & Remote Record


Bofrok said...

Hi Nialli,

I'm getting a "The connection was reset" error - could it be that the link you gave was only for that session (it's got a sessionid in it).

Nialli said...

Thanks. I've redrafted the post to link to a different set of pages on the VM site.

Moroboshi said...

It's too bad Virgin don't actually have an iOS app for remote recording yet. Navigating web pages isn't exactly quick or ideal.

Media Boy said...

Story from my BLOG:

Virgin Media launches two new channels just for TiVo viewers.
An Information Channel given out info on how to order PPV on TiVo has launch called ''PPV Live Events Help'' on Virgin Channel 554 (Non TiVo can pick this channel up).

TiVo Pay Per Views can be viewed on Virgin Channel 555, Non TiVo viewers can watch Pay Per Views on Virgin Channel 0.