June 13, 2011

Creating a Film folder in your TiVo My Shows

For those wanting to tidy up their My Shows listing by putting all recorded films in a single folder stomachmuscle posted this over on the VM TiVo forum in case you missed a similar suggestion posted on this blog a couple of months ago.
  • Make a Wish List, don't put any keywords in, just set the category to FILMS
  • Make the maximum amount of saved programmes equal to one
  • You now have a wish list search that will save one movie into a folder called FILMS - you have no control over the first movie that is recorded
  • However any movies that you subsequently choose to record will also save into the folder called FILMS


Lewpy said...
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Lewpy said...

I think I found that if I recovered a TV episode from the "recycle bin", then it created a folder for that TV show (as long as there were other episodes of that TV show in My Shows). I noticed this after accidentally deleting something in the Recommendations folder, and then noticed it created the top-level folder for the show, with all epsiodes in :-)
Bad that you have to jump through hoops to trick it in to creating them :-/

Neil Gillibrand said...

That reads that it doesn't effect existing recordings. Is there a way of doing it to also include existing recordings?

Got an few films already recorded that I'd like to put in a folder.


Nialli said...

@NeilG: I don't think it does affect existing recordings. You could try deleting them and then restoring them from the Recent Deletions folder - that may work (I can't test it at the moment).

Karl said...

This way of creating folders does work however if you think recording hiccups is barely usable now. Create one of these generic folders such as "films" or "comedies" then after a day, look at your hiccups again.

Hundreds of films or comedies may be shown daily and every one will be in your hiccups!

Philip Guest said...

Useful tip but I've discovered that it's not putting all my subsequently recorded movies in the FILMS folder.

At first I thought this might be a terrestrial/Sky thing but some films from Sky Movies go into the folder, others don't. No pattern to it either.

Still, it does help tidy up the list of recordings in the absence of anything else!

daysofspeed said...

I genuinely expected folders to be the game changer when I went TiVo. Nt so.

I expected to be able to have "dad' progs" "Mum's.." "kids".. And easily create new ones and select where stuff should go.

Only had it 2 weeks but so far it just frustrates me to hell.

alpaca said...

Surely it will only allow one film to be saved in this folder?