June 03, 2011

(Not very good) TiVo photo App added

Virgin Media has launched a new Photo Gallery App on the TiVo, meaning that you can browse your Facebook, Flickr or Picasa photo albums on your TV. The app also allows users to create slideshow galleries of images.
To use it you have to create a TiVo Apps log in if you haven't got one already (www.virginmedia.com/mytivoapps). Just tried it with my Flickr account: it's nothing special but seems to work if a wee bit slow.


Michael said...

I would say it's a case of why did they bother? What use is an app that lumps all your photos together and doesn't allow you to view individual albums?

I'd rather Virgin spent the time working with Lovefilm to bring us a nice streaming app.

Anonymous said...

Poor...enough said.

Anonymous said...

Worse App Ever !!!!!!!!!!!!

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