June 07, 2011

Virgin announces Wimbledon in 3D

Press release:
We’re delighted to be offering our customers their second Grand Slam tennis tournament in 3D following on from the success of our exclusive coverage of the Roland Garros French Open – the first 3D tennis in the UK.
Virgin Media TV customers will be able to watch the Wimbledon men’s and women’s finals in 3D for no extra cost on channel 187. Customers who don’t have a 3D TV can still watch the tournament live in regular 2D in either SD or HD on BBC1 (channel 101) and BBC1 HD (channel 187).


Erich said...

Very interesting. I wonder if Sky have already secured the rights to the US Open 3D, since they've already got the 2D rights, or of that one may be coming to VM as well.

sam said...

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Terry Neal said...

i pretty much only watch what I can get online now days

Dariusz Bolesta said...

Roland Garros was GREAT - all tournament full time in 3D. But Wimbledon - 3d is only for finals? Why not more?