December 30, 2011

Great, balanced review of the TiVo

I don't venture onto AV Forums that often - too often in the past I go there, consider my home entertainment equipment sub-standard and ending up spending a fortune upgrading - but they've posted a huge, in-depth review of TiVo and it's an informative read:
Virgin Tivo-Digital Personal Video Recorder
(Thanks to Jason for pointing it out on his blog)


Moroboshi said...

It's a decent review but doesn't mention something equally, if not more important to potential buyers than the box's tech specs - the lack of content.

Yes, that means Sky Atlantic, and the other HD channels currently, and perhaps forever missing.

I'd also personally be harder on the UI, which I think is very sluggish and post Xbox 360 dash update, feels like something from the past. It's just clunky as hell having to type in searches using an on screen keyboard and an IR remote. It's also extremely text heavy.

I had a play with a Freeview+ PVR recently and although freeview is largely a cess pit of utter dross, Freeview+ has a few interesting features. - It will recommend the HD version if an SD recording is chosen, it will auto skip breaks in recordings, it will auto extend the end of recordings if something over-runs, and you can hit the green button on the remote to set a recording when watching a trailer. Good stuff which TiVo should add.

streaky_7 said...


I do agree with everything in your last paragraph if the freeview box can do all that - they are certainly features which would improve TiVo.

But with regards to not mentioning content - this is a review of the box's tech specs - not a review of Virgin Media and the channels it supplies. The box and what it does, compared to others on the market, is the best around. If you watch quite a lot of telly, understand and use TiVo correctly, your viewing experience will be enhanced. If you don't, it won't. If the box reboots 10 times a week - theres a fault, its not TiVo that's poor. If you get the red donut for over a minute when on My Shows, there's a issue - and its not TiVo (just examples of complaints when people seem to blame TiVo when its not a TiVo issue).

If your a potential buyer, you weigh it all up granted. You would look at the content and all services VM, Sky, BT, Freeview offer and you would look at the boxes they have - you then weigh it all up and decide what would suit you best. But this isn't necessarily down to AV Forum to review. Certainly not on this particular piece.

Would I like Atlantic - yes. would I like more HD channels - yes. Are they more important to me than having TiVo - no way. So not everyone is as fussed about content - especially when we are talking about VM - its not like they only have 25 channels. And it's only really Atlantic that we are missing completely. I.e. we do have sky sports 3&4. We do have itv 2,3,4. Just not in HD. I wouldn't join a company based on one channel, just like I wouldn't leave one.

But don't get me wrong, more improvements are needed, including ones you pointed out, but I for one love my TiVo.....a lot more than I would love Atlantic.

Happy 2012 to all and lets hope VM pull out the stops to make as many of us as happy as possible this year......

Krankor said...
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den2il said...

Firstly, happy new year Nialli and everyone who contributes to this wonderful blog.

Secondly, what are the 3 main selling points for me to change to the TiVo from my V+ box?

Lastly, BBC come on! Pirates Of The Caribbean on new years eve NOT in Dolby Digital - must do better for 2012.

DaveM said...

Agree with the print wearing off the buttons on the remote. Its not even the most used, just where the hand seems to sit.

I haven't even got used to where the buttons are yet, and now the print has worn off it's quite tricky finding eg. guide or info buttons, especially in the dark!

Nialli said...

I wonder if they've changed the remote. I've had my TiVo remote nine months, it's used every day and no sign of wear yet

HD Boy said...

in a direct challenge to BT rolling out BT Infinity, Virgin Media plan to increase the broadband speed of their customers in the first quarter of 2012.

A confidential source inside Virgin Media has exclusively informed Hardware Heaven that the company plans to increase the broadband speed to its existing customers free of charge. The move is an attempt by Virgin Media to remain the UK’s best value broadband provider as their share of the market comes under increasing pressures from BT’s new infinity package.

" The proposed speed increase will see customers with 10Mb speed increased to 30Mb, customers with 30Mb speed increased to 60Mb and customers with 50Mb increase to 100Mb making the minimum broadband speed that Virgin Media offer to new and existing customers 30Mb. The speed increase will come at no additional cost to the customer and is to be rolled out in the first quarter of 2012."

I have a feeling Virgin Media will announce this on Wednesday 8 February 2012 when their Virgin Media Q4 2011 results are released and their Strategy Update

I think 10Mb customers will probably only go to 30Mb if they have a superhub or a VMNG 300.

Anthony said...

Thanks for the info HD Boy!

If true, this is fantastic news ... I was actually thinking of ugrading from 50mb to 100mb - I won't bother now! ;)

HD Boy said...

Sky's Audience projections for the Sky F1 channel.

Shahana said...

Good recomendation

Anthony said...

You were spot on HD Boy!!