December 02, 2011

How to network your TiVo and a Spotify review

Couple of fine blog posts for those enjoying the 15.2 TiVo upgrade:
First off, Jason's mighty-fine Virgin Media TiVo blog now has a How To Network TiVo guide which looks pretty comprehensive.
And our old buddy Afront has reviewed VM's TiVo Spotify up on his own blog.
Both are hugely informative if you're looking at setting up and using either service on your PVR.


Julius said...

does anyone have a guess as to when we will get the full TIVO app for ipads?

Afront said...

Thanks for link! Been distracted by the other Spotify Apps launch these past few days, but plan to give the Spotify TiVo app a more thorough test over the weekend.

David said...

After reading the tiro network connectivity blog am I correct in thinking that there is actually no reason to connect your tiro box to a network at present?

f1king said...


You may need to read the article again. There is at least one useful thing you can do with a networked TiVo box.

By the way, the TiMote app for iPhone is a lot better than the Peanut app.