December 16, 2011

Sky Atlantic series to debut on DVD and Blu Ray

The two big drama series in the Sky Atlantic / HBO stable are both debuting on disc early in 2012. Season one of Boardwalk Empire finally comes out on disc on January 9th, a ridiculous 15 months after it debuted on HBO and a month after season two has finished. Those waiting for season one of Game of Thrones will be happier as that box set will be released just before season two starts - March 5th.
Why the long gap? I don't think it's anything to do with the Sky Atlantic deal as they've both been delayed stateside too. It's, more likely part of HBO's strategy with it's HBO Go service and the competition with NetFlix.
Season five of AMC's Mad Men is scheduled for the spring on Sky Atlantic by the way. The show may appear on online services such as iTunes as previous seasons have been available there immediately after UK airing.


Moroboshi said...

Whatever the reason for HBO's epic delays on home video release, the end result is a huge win for piracy. With no way to get HBO content if you aren't prepared to wait, or pay money to the evil Murdoch empire, then the pirate bay wins every time.

These media companies will someday release their stupidity, but they're certainly taking their time over it.

Harkaway said...

I agree with Moroboshi's analysis, but I would also remind everybody that these decisions also reflect HBO's continued focus on its domestic [i.e. American] market. The international market is still an afterthought for them. If they don't allow the sale of DVDs in foreign markets they aren't as hurt by it as the people [here Sky] they've sold programming to.

campbellg said...

Happy to say I am currently waiting out my 30 day notice and will be off to Sky soon - there'll be none of this waiting a year and a quarter for the best drama on DVD for me - though there'll be a fair bit of catch up of missed SKy Atlantic programming required first!

HD Boy said...


I do not care if you are leaving over 1 channel.