December 10, 2011

Spotify...does anyone else have problems?

Sound on the TiVo has drop outs more frequent than I can cope with, and what's worse the iPhone App crashes out after ten minutes every bloody time. Infuriating. Last week was fine and I haven't changed anything - is anyone else experiencing this?
UPDATE: I've now update my iPhone to iOS 5.01 and reinstalled Spotify, and it's been playing all day without a single hitch. So, a reminder that the "cloud" can be an infuriating, flawed experience for all the treasures it may hold. Ho hum


Chris Owens said...

It crashes my box more than 50% of the time after I start the app... and then when I do get it to work... it will crash at different times during playback or navigating playlists.

Disheartened isn't the word as I'd have loved to take full advantage of this over the Christmas period.

Chris Owens said...

Scratch my last comment (sort of)... I've just realised you meant the IOS app.

Although I have no problems with the IOS Spotify app... my comments stand regarding the TiVo box app.