December 08, 2011

Virgin's deadline for Christmas installations: December 9th

If you're planning to sign up to Virgin Media broadband and TV services in time for the Christmas break you must complete your order this week.
Virgin Media has set a deadline of midnight on Friday December 9th 2011 for a guaranteed installation.
Consumers who order a Virgin Media TV, phone and broadband bundle after this date may have to wait until after Boxing Day to see their service activated.


stevie said...

i'm with virgin and have ordered tivo back in early november, they gave me an install date of 11th jan! is that right?? or doesnt it include tivo?

Square eyes said...


Sorry to say but it all depends on the area where you live, if there are no install dates , then that would be correct. Each area is different, so in other area of the country, the cut off may be December 9th

KarenE said...

Don't bother. 3 months, 4 boxes , 5 engineers and no service. Go to Sky