February 15, 2012

Spotify App updated

A new update for the Spotify mobile app brings higher quality 320kbps music streaming to Apple device users. The free update to the mobile app has an 'Extreme' quality mode, which allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to match the highest quality audio mode offered on Spotify's desktop service for the first time on a mobile device. As yet other Spotify mobile apps for Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone have not had an update. To access the new higher quality streams go in to 'Settings' and then 'Stream', where you'll find the 'Extreme' mode. While Spotify Premium users had already been able to enjoy 320kbps audio on the desktop client, mobile access was limited to 160kbps.
UPDATE: Well, it's a nice idea but unfortunately it's a little buggy. Whilst the 320k streaming seems fine the sync version keeps reverting down to the lower quality setting. And it's not just me as this thread shows - there is a workaround though (from David on page 4 of the thread).

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