February 21, 2012

TiVo Reminders confirmed as coming soon

From Virgin Media's own TiVo Forum, there's confirmation that the Reminders functionality is coming pretty soon:
We will be introducing reminders functionality to TiVo in our next phase code release. Will be able to provide more detail soon. Nick Ontiveros TV Strategy, Digital Entertainment


clinteastman said...

Unfortunately the next phase code release isn't coming soon. Maybe in time for Christmas.

streaky_7 said...

Also on same forum, different thread which I had started, one of the VM mods posted the following regarding the red button service (hope it's ok to post this?). Launching March and he confirmed his comment relates to both the BBC and Sky Sports:

"Yes, still on track. Launches are scheduled to be staggered throughout the month and into the first week of April. BBC won't have all the really fancy stuff (those 24 streams, of course) until a bit later, but will be very good from day 1".
Nick Ontiveros
Strategic Development, Digital Entertainment

Martine93 said...

Also this was said in the same thread.

" I am lot more interested in what else will be in this update ? Express Series Link user configurable ? Music on demand search ? "

" Will say more when I can, but thought that as it's now "confirmed", I would share the news on reminders as I'm sure many will be pleased.

We are aware of the other two feature requests that you've mentioned and are working to address those as well.
Nick Ontiveros
Strategic Development, Digital Entertainment "