February 12, 2012

TiVo Premier updated in the US

Found this whilst killing a bit of time this morning: an upgrade to the US TiVo boxes went out last month. Details on the US TiVo Blog. Much of it looks like the recent VM update, but there are some bits we still don't have, notably "Multi-Room Streaming":
If you have two TiVo Premiere boxes on the same home network, you now have the option to “Play” the show from one Premiere on the other Premiere. You no longer need to transfer the show – it will stream. If you have recordings from channels that do not allow transfers, you should now be able to stream them instead. Multi-Room Streaming of HD shows is not recommended on wireless networks. Wired Ethernet will provide a much better experience. Once you’ve watched the show, you can remotely delete it off of the TiVo Premiere that recorded it.
So multi-room streaming of HD over wi-fi isn't much cop? That for me would make it a pretty redundant feature: how many of us have wired ethernet flooding the house?
They are also promising the following for the Spring:

  • Parental Controls in the HD Menus 
  • New Netflix app 
  • New YouTube app 
  • Xfinity On Demand from Comcast 

(As US TiVo is independent of the cable suppliers the independent streaming services such as Netflix I guess aren't competitive with their main business.)


Martine93 said...

The reason we do not have multiroom streaming is a content provider's issue rather than a software issue.


Martine93 said...

" Parental Controls in the HD Menus "

We already have that.

Martine93 said...

" New YouTube app "

Here is some pictures of it.

Moroboshi said...

Virgin said when they launched TiVo that were not opposed to video apps such as LoveFilm. The reality of course has proved rather different.

The future is streaming, but it will be built into people's TVs. In the short term boxes such as the Xbox 360 will bridge that gap, and the TiVo could have too, if Virgin hadn't been so short sighted.

Richard said...

Martine93 is right about this being a legal issue not a technical one.
VM do want to do multiroom and are working on fixing things... technically we know it works, they just have to 'flick a switch' when they fix the legal stuff.

re streaming over wifi... HD content isnt a suprise to me, it is a bandwidth hog, so there is a lot of discussion on how to address this and the logical solution is 'homeplugs' but dont skimp on these, get either 200 or the new 500mbps... read the 'smallnetbuilder' site for the introductions to homeplugs and reasons to use the higher speed versions.

@moroboshi - smart tv... is it the future or a fad?
Lots is being written about this topic and CES this year the smart tv was the in thing... where last year 3D tv was this in thing.

how many 'early adopters' will use and existing device such as games console or their tablet device to do twitter etc (ie as a companion screen) and use these services?
so will it catch on?
well how often do people update their tv?
so the only value will be the streaming media players... iplayer, 4OD, itv player, netflix, lovefilms and youtube.
when will it be mainstream in peoples houses? your guess is as good as mine.

Given tivo is currently a little shy half a million. VM has about 4M TV customers. (ie tivo is about 12% of VMs customers)
this will grow a little and eventually to the whole install base if they retire the old technology as they have reported.
Then you have to consider there are 65ish million households and it is reported that 28M are tv owners (yeh like I believe thats true!!!) so VM have 15% of the TV house holds and tivo as less than 2%.
Now think about how many xboxes and PS3s are out there... measured in millions!
Yeh... tivo really did miss on an opportunity, but it was meaningless other than to tivo customers.

reginag said...

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