February 07, 2012

Virgin results and strategy update tomorrow (Feb 8)

Here's what analysts are expecting: "The TV and telecoms group could add 13,000 customers in its fourth quarter, according to JP Morgan Cazenove, bringing its total subscribers to 4.8m. The total, which takes into account those leaving the network, could include 30,000 more broadband subscribers." source: MediaGuardian. I've not heard of any new TV service announcements planned for tomorrow but it will be interesting to see how many have converted to TiVo in total now that the service is fully established.


Martine93 said...

" Carriage fees on new channels announced last week will also add to Virgin’s wholesale costs for carrying Sky content "


Do you know what this means ? I am confused.

David said...

be sky F1 channel i guess

Martine93 said...


It says " new channels " ie more than 1 and Sky F1 was announced three weeks ago.

David said...

yes but sky F1 is the only extra sky channel we getting and been announced

Jackie said...

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