October 06, 2012

15 new HD channels in November?

With a continued silence from Virgin Media on any new channels this year, I'm hoping that a comment posted by Snowy Brighton on a post on this blog today isn't too wide of the mark:
"Spoken to retentions earlier to get an issue fixed with my BB. She asked is everything else ok and I mentioned the lack of ITV2 HD etc. She then told me that 15 new HD channels will launch next month but it hasn't been confirmed yet. However, she was using digital spy and VM forums as the source of information...but she did say that they have all been told 15 new channels to launch in November."
Here's hoping, but I'm not sure if her sources are 100% reliable. And Retentions aren't always fully informed.
I've also noticed the poster campaign for Sky Atlantic HD in London is promoting the channel as a Sky exclusive, but with an "also available on Sky Atlantic" in small print at the bottom, and no mention of that being exclusive. Let's hope that Virgin Media will be securing the SD version in the next few weeks - it has been a long and very frustrating wait.


p said...

Not sure if it is related but I had an engineer out last week to replace a faulty set-top box and when it was swapped for a V-HD box I asked him if he could swap it with another in a different room that had HDTV hooked to an old Samsung.
He swapped it (and even gave me a free HD cable) but said that he couldn't activate the HD channels anymore (he said he could up to the week before but now all activations MUST be through customer service)as he received a memo saying that they wanted engineers to stop offering free activations and when he asked his boss why the change, he was told they are going to expand the HD lineup soon and were going to cash in on activation fees. He never mentioned how many new channels or what they might be though.

Snowy Brighton said...

Thanks for posting my earlier comment. I really hope it's true and from my experience, retentions are either spot on or a light year off the mark.

If it does turn out to be true, then we've bagged an exclusive otherwise it joins the many rumour blog posts. Neither of which is a bad thing :-).

denyo1977 said...

Although it would be fantastic, if it was true, I would think it is more likely that hell freezes over. If at all, I guess it will be more the usual one or two (or if it's the ITV HD channels maybe a few more).
After the whole Tivo app disaster, I don't have a lot of faith in VirginMedia.

Darren Taylor said...

Great if these rumours are true but like denyo 1977 i also have little faith in Virgin Media.

Nialli said...

Personally, I'll be stunned if we get 15 new HD channels. I think that's well wide of the mark.
Any announcement regarding new channels and the release of the longest delayed App in Apple history is likely in the next week or so, as VM's Q3 results will be announced on October 23rd and these things normally coincide.

howardmicks said...

i have learnt to expect nothing then i aint disappointed,Aquiring new decent and especially hd channels seems to be yet again low on there prioty list

Snowy Brighton said...

MediaBoy is reporting that a lot more channels are on the way. The retentions lady may have been onto something, however, I still don't hold out much hope.

Karl said...

Some what suspecting VM will hold back until Febuary 2013 before releasing any new information on new channels and services, this will fall in line with yet another price increase,,