October 09, 2012

TV Anywhere FAQ

Saw this on tekkish.com. It looks like an official FAQ from Virgin for the TV Anywhere service

Q: When will the service be available?
A: The service will launch during Autumn 2012 and we expect to see a steady rollout of new features during 2013.
Q: Who is the service available to?
A: All customers will have access to watch Live TV and on Demand through the online service at virginmedia.com. Customers with iOS devices and TiVo can also download and use the application from the App store to take advantage of the advanced features of TiVo through their handset/tablet. Other devices to follow?
Q: How much does it cost?
A: The service is available for no extra cost for customers who subscribe to any of our great TV packages
Q: How many Live TV Channels will be available?
A: We are planning to have around 30 live channels for launch, with more coming soon after. The number of channels each customer can access depends on their TV package, as channels are aligned to the customer’s subscription.
Q: What Channels will be available, will there be sports?
A: There will be a variety of channels across a number of genres such as sports, kids, factual and general entertainment. Channel line-up may vary across devices depending on rights.
Q: Do you need to be a TiVo customer to access the Virgin TV Anywhere online?
A: No, all Virgin TV customers will be able to take advantage of Virgin TV Anywhere online, however customers with TiVo will also be able to use a range of extra tools to manage their TiVo boxes.
Q: Do you need to be a TiVo customer to access the Apps?
A: Yes, the Apps take advantage of many of the exciting features of TiVo which need a TiVo box at home in order to work properly. Customers without TiVo can still browse virginmedia.com to watch our great content through our online service.
Q: Are there plans to launch an Android version? A: Absolutely! We are working on getting a version available for Android early next year.
Q: Will the service be available over mobile networks?
A: Accessing all of our great TiVo features will be available over any connection. Live TV and On Demand will work over any WiFi service either at home or away, but not outside of the UK.
Q: What video quality can be expected?
A: Because of our powerful network, video quality should be very good. The product uses something called ‘adaptive’ streaming technology which make sure the video is set to the best quality for the connection and equipment the customer is using. Typically content will be streamed at up to around 3MB.
Q: Can I stream TiVo recordings? A: This is something we are investigation for the future.

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