October 09, 2012

Virgin Q3 2012 results

I'll be stunned if we get 15 new HD channels. I think that the Retentions rep who talked to Snowy Brighton is probably working from Digital Spy rumours rather than any official news.
Anyway, any formal announcement regarding new channels and the release of the longest delayed App in Apple history is likely in the next week or so, as VM's Q3 results will be announced on October 23rd and Virgin in the past has announced new services in the week before Mr Berkett's results service.


Richard said...
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PianoPerson said...

More HD channels would not interest me. Where is Leeds Piano competition prog 3 (broadcast on BBC4 on 05.10.12)??. Progs 1 and 2 are both still (Sat 13.10.12) on Catchup and I really wanted to see Jayson Gillham perform as I coudn't see the programme as wife wanted to see Strictly! Does Virgin Media see classical music as too 'elitist' and therefore not worthy to be put onto its Catchup whereas other programmes broadcast either side of Jayson Gillham's recital were put up almost instantly???

What's going on???????????