October 25, 2012

TV Anywhere to include all of the Sky Basics

Interesting little footnote in Virgin Media CEO's presentation to Investors earlier this week that I've just noticed from the full transcript's Q&A:
"...in respect to TV Anywhere, it will launch with all of our – we have the PC and Mac rights for broadly all of our content. We don’t have quite that number of rights for the tablet. So, there will be some restricted rights. But it will include all of Sky basics initially. And we’re in conversation with Sky in respect to premiums and we’ll continue those conversations over the next six months as we look to renew our premium contract with them."
I'm wondering if the rumour of VM being "in talks with Sky about Sky Atlantic" is actually part of the Sky Premiums (Movies, Sports) negotiation/renewal discussions, which means that Atlantic, if it ever does come to cable, would be some point next year rather than anything before Christmas.
I don't know why the ITV HD channels launch is taking so long...sorry.


Martine93 said...

Also read this

" We’re also rolling out multi-room streaming in the coming weeks, a service enabling TiVo customers to screen recordings from one box in another room. "


Also the TiVo Premiere gets more HD menus

Simon S said...

I wonder if "all of Sky basics" would include Atlantic? You never know...

metallicorphan said...

I'll be happy if Sky Atlantic comes to us before Game Of Thrones Season 3 starts(March i think)