October 20, 2012

More to US TV than Sky Atlantic alone

I've stumbled upon a website that shows which US series have been picked up by which UK channel, and also when a series is scheduled to debut. It's TV Wise's Acquisition Scorecard and it's worth checking out as it looks good to me. It doesn't have any info on reality series but otherwise looks pretty comprehensive.
Still no UK pick up by a channel on the most-lauded US show Breaking Bad? Not strictly true as Netflix has the first four series complete and half of the show’s fifth season about to launch (all eight episodes being available as a streaming service from Nov 1).
Shame it's only SD and I find Netflix's picture quality variable depending on what device you view it through, but if you fancy binging on all things Breaking Bad during a free month's trial of the service I can't think of a better way to see out the dark autumn evenings...


Rob said...

Breaking Bad is brilliant, and I can't wait to see the first half of season 5 on Netflix, which I joined three or four months ago. Just a shame it's not HD.

Harkaway said...

Great resource!

There are a few items there that Virgin ought to acquire for VOD, although Louie (another American critical darling) might be a hard sell here as he isn't really known. It's also interesting that several of these shows were picked up for a series or two, then dropped (besides Breaking Bad, Private Practice and, obviously, the final series of Chuck, I hadn't realised that the most recent series of Californication had been dropped by Channel 5).

Finally, ITV keeps up its streak of buying shows which get cancelled early: Animal Practice was cancelled this week.