August 20, 2008

BBC HD New Season

Not much going on with Virgin Media HD at the moment, so let's look ahead to the new autumn schedules and see what's coming to BBC HD over the new season.
First up is the comedy drama Mutual Friends starring Marc Warren, Alexander Armstrong and Keeley Hawes. It starts next Tuesday at 10pm (an hour later than its broadcast on BBC1) and it looks pretty good. I'm always a touch sceptical about "comedy drama" as they tend to feature little of either, but this may well be worth investing time in.
I'm still struggling to see why the BBC have bothered to shoot Hairy Bakers in HD, but a series more likely to make your eyeballs sparkle is Oceans. Click the link to find out more about another HD showcase documentary series.
Later in the season there's drama aplenty in high definition, with new adaptations of Dickens' Little Dorrit, Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles and, er, Frank's The Diary of Anne Frank. On the documentary front there's Simon Schama's new series on the USA in election year.
Two new series that look great but I'm not sure if they're in HD are Stephen Fry In The USA (he visits every state - in a black cab!) and Kenneth Branagh in the Scandinavian detective drama Walllander. More information as soon as I find it.


David said...

not much going on with Virgin HD at the moment!?!!?

I've just watched a couple of the best weeks of sport in my lifetime in picture perfect HD thanks to the Beeb and my V+ box

Nialli said...

Don't disagree - plenty going on with BBC HD. It's news on Virgin Media's other HD services I was referring to. On Demand and FilmFlex changes apart, there's nothing of note to report from VM. Sky on the other hand...

Sirius said...

No mention of Sky's 30+ HD channels (new ones to be launched from October onwards)?
Or is this blog now so moderated that only pro-Virgin sentiment is allowed?

Nialli said...

There's a post today regarding Sky's HD activity.
I don't think anyone could say that this blog is not critical of Virgin; it only exists because of frustration with the company's approach to HD.

Afront said...

Thanks for the heads-up on these forthcoming BBC HD programmes: something to look forward to!

I hope Joe Ahearne's new series "Apparitions" will be on HD - I have high hopes for this as he says it's the closest we'll get to a sequel to the superb Ultraviolet.