August 23, 2008

HD over the Bank Holiday weekend

Highlights on BBC HD this holiday weekend include
  • Love + Hate, a British independent movie on Saturday night 10.30. (Radio Times warns that it runs five minutes longer than billed, so be sure to add some padding if recording). Something of a rave review on IMDB I see
  • The closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics is at noon on Sunday. If it's anything like the opening ceremony, it'll be spectacular. Unlike the London 2012 Party that follows it at 3.15pm - can you have lacklustre HD?
  • After an After You've Gone marathon (!) Britain From Above concludes at 9pm Sunday. Bravo, Mr Marr, and bravo BBC - fantastic series, especially in high definition.
  • Unfortunately BBC HD resorts to repeats on Bank Holiday Monday, with just Hairy Bakers as something new. Also, post-Olympics, we're back to a 7pm start on the channel.
Also of note: a couple of new movies appeared on Filmflex's HD listings on Friday: Black Water and the awesome There Will Be Blood.

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