August 05, 2008

Olympics coverage on BBC HD

It's difficult to see where the BBC's audience for its biggest-ever high definition extravaganza to date is going to come from; the live Beijing 2008 coverage starts around 1am each morning and runs through to mid-afternoon - hardly peak viewing times. The bigger audiences will be for the 7pm highlights show The Games Today, hosted by Gabby Logan and the 6am-9am breakfast coverage, but it's difficult to see these games really engaging the great British public, especially given the time difference. Mind you, the Australia games proved popular and they really were through the night, so I may be wrong. Anyone planning to record the Games in HD should remember that HD recordings take approximately four times more space on your V+ than regular BBC ones; your hard disc will fill completely overnight!
Anyway, starting on Friday, BBC HD goes 24 hours for a fortnight, and that can't be a bad thing :o)


Atticus said...

The extensive Olympics coverage will make a refreshing change from the limited menu of 'TV Choice' On Demand. Though not particularly interested in many sports, I nevertheless anticipate deriving much enjoyment from this coverage.

Incidentally, why do you not include the Free TV HD 'More On Demand' programmes in your listings on the home page? Currently these comprise an excellent documentary about ants and episodes from the Blue Planet series.

Nialli said...

I agree there's some great documentary series from the BBC listed in the More On Demand menues. However, they've not changed at all this year and most V+ customers tired of the some time back.
I'll post them up again in the next few days though for newer visitors to the blog.

Atticus said...

Thanks, Nialli. I'm a recent newcomer to this blog, and to HD, having acquired my first HD TV only a few days ago.

I must say, I am disappointed to hear that these documentaries have remained unchanged all this year. I should have thought Virgin Media could change the selection every month.

Sirius said...

Virgin can't afford to change the content that often, they continually refer to HD on demand as having to be obtained on "favourable terms". This means on the cheap!