August 22, 2008

Interesting article on HD in the UK

An interesting piece here from the Broadband TV News site. Couple of observations:
  • The author clearly states that "Channel 4 is known to have an exclusive contract with the DTH [ie Sky] platform". I didn't know that for certain, but it explains the C4HD absence from Freesat and possibly the delay in getting it onto Virgin, too. With C4 HD being proposed for the Freeview HD service next year, maybe that exclusivity with Sky is just for 12 months, which means it will end in the autumn.
  • I love the expression "HD Empty", referring to folk who have HD ready sets but have not subscribed to HD services. Personally, I would describe us V+ owners as "HD Double Empty" - we have HD ready TVs and an HD ready PVR...but no service!

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