August 15, 2008

Regular On Demand content

UPDATE: This programming seems to be currently undergoing revision in some areas, so not all content is available to all customers.

To access, go to Home then 6 - 4 - 1.

  • Ant Attack
  • The Blue Planet: Introduction
  • The Blue Planet: Frozen Seas
  • The Blue Planet: Coasts
  • The Blue Planet: Coral Seas
  • The Blue Planet: Frozen Seas
  • The Blue Planet: Open Oceans
  • The Blue Planet: Seasonal Seas
  • The Blue Planet: The Deep
  • The Blue Planet: Tidal Seas
  • Desert Lions
  • Diana - Last Days of a Princess
  • Great Natural Wonders of the World
  • Hannibal
  • Hotel Babylon Season Two episodes 1 - 8
  • The Innocence Project 1-8
  • Planet Earth: episodes 1-5
  • The Quatermass Experiment
  • Rick Stein and the Japanese Ambassador
  • Superstorm 1-3
  • Supervolcano 1-2


Anonymous said...

half of the blue palnet series are not actually HD even though they state they are frozen seas is one of them.

Andy Thomas said...

I wanted to add the comment of Eurosport HD is now on Sky. I've watched all sorts on it and the quality is fantastic. The Moto GP from Laguna Seca was shown in HD and what a difference. I still can't understand that if Eurosport can show it then why can't BBC!!! Does this mean the future for motorsport in HD is bright!Just to give you guys an update, the Moto GP this weekend is in HD on Eurosport!! Come on BBC get your arse in gear.