August 09, 2008

VM's bandwidth

Neil Berkett's presentation to analysts on the last quarter's results is available online here.
Above is a slide from it showing how VM's bandwidth is split. (Sorry if it's too small to read clearly - most browsers will allow you to click it to see it full size.)
I'm not au fait enough with the technology behind cable TV distribution to pass much comment on this, but thought some may find it interesting. By 2012 it suggests on the following slide that "a third of spectrum freed-up for higher broadband speeds, more VOD and HD content following analogue switch-off". There's no other mention of future HD services in the presentation.

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virgin1 said...

All the bandwidth reclamation from the analogue switchoff will initially be used for the broadband network, more HD will follow but dont expect any major HD releases before 50mb has fully launched i would say.