August 28, 2008

Two more series coming to BBC HD

News on two more interesting series appearing on BBC HD this autumn.
First off, the Jonathon Ross show makes its debut in HD on Friday, September 5th. To my knowledge this is the first regular studio-based series from the BBC to appear in high definition; hopefully, more will follow.
Then there's Amazon, a series following The Tribe's Bruce Parry on an "epic voyage" up the Amazon from source to ocean. The current vogue for personality-driven documentaries (eg Lost Land of the Jaguar) can prove a little tiring after a bit but the scenery in HD should more than make up for irritations in the commentaries.
Auntie's on a bit of a roll at the moment, as I'm sure anyone who saw Britain From Above will agree; stunning TV.


Afront said...

Amazon should be good, and you have to admire Bruce Parry for what he put himself through on Tribe for our entertainment.

LLOT Jaguar didn't really hold my interest, too much of "the making of" turned out not to be so good when more than a 10-minute extra.

Good to see Beeb drama My Zinc Bed will be on HD this weekend, and new series Mutual Friends premiered on HD (at least here in Scotland).

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic but I noticed recently that BBC HD had actually got a measurable BARB rating for June (but not for July) of 0.1 - not bad for a channel that can only be picked up by a tiny minority of viewers and hasn't been actively promoted until recently. With olympic viewing figures it'll be interesting if it can even rise to 0.2